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Iowa 1:1 Google Map


*Why did your school choose to become a one-to-one school? (All)
*How do you get community members buy-in to move one-to-one? (DS)
How did you get stakeholders on board with one-to-one? How about those who really questioned the initiative? (DS, DG)
What was the biggest obstacles of moving to one-to-one? (All)
What is the biggest change you have seen since your school went one-to one? (T,DG)
What has been the biggest success of 1:1? (T,DG)
What have been the biggest concerns with one-to-one? (All)
How has instruction changed? What PD has been implemented to have the technology used in a transformational vs. an adaptive way? (All)
What things are you doing different in year 2 or 3 to improve on implementation of 1:1? (T, DG)
Has there been an impact on student achievement? (T, DG)
*Talk about costs, insurance, breakage numbers/costs (TA, DG)
*Talk about policies that your school has in place with 1:1 (JK)